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Answers to your questions

About the Development

Bigwin Island is a 520 acre private island located on Lake of Bays in the heart of Muskoka. An 18 championship golf course occupies approximately 200 acres of the interior lands. There are approximately 80 acres of common lands that create the interior connecting paths and service corridors, as well as create generous buffers between the Golf Course and the residences. There are 112 properties in total on the island and approximately 14 lots are still available. 3 Club Cabins have now been constructed as part of the next phase of our real estate development and new rental program.

Who is the Developer?

The Developer is Eagle Landing Company. The Company is solely owned by longtime vacation resident Jack Wadsworth, who is Honorary Chairman of Morgan Stanley and Advisory Director for Morgan Stanley globally. Company is managed by local Muskoka businessman David Smith.

What are the lot sizes and prices?

The average lot sizes have approximately 200ft of waterfront and are approximately 400ft in depth. Prices start $950,000, including an Equity Golf Membership, all taxes and real estate fees. There are custom lots sizes available that exceed 1,000 ft of pristine shoreline.

What are my options for owning or building a vacation home on Bigwin?

Currently there are 3 options available:

1. You can purchase a lot outright and build your own home, with your own architect and builder, provided the plans and specifications are approved by the Developer.

2. You can purchase a lot outright and build your own home using an architect and builder referred by the Developer, which may include project management services to assist with budget, schedule and construction logistics.

3. You can purchase a resale cottage property, which occasionally come available on the market and typically come move-in ready and are sold with a golf membership.

Are there any building restrictions?

There are architectural guidelines that must be adhered to ensure the vision and character of the community is maintained. This primarily deals with ensuring natural building and landscape materials are utilized.

Are docks permitted on each lot and are boat houses allowed?

A boat dock facility is permitted and boathouses are allowed on Lake of Bays, subject to rules set forth by the Township.

Is mainland parking included with my lot?

Each lot comes with 2 licensed parking spaces at the Norway Point, the mainland parking facility. The licenses are a requirement of the Township bylaws and are provided to island lot owners in perpetuity.

Is there mainland docking available for lot owners?

There is short term docking available at Norway Point for lot owners to accommodate drop off and pick up of owners, as well as visitor pick up or boat valet.

How do I access the island?

Bigwin Island Golf Club provides a regular shuttle service to and from the island. Short term docking installed at Norway Point allows some additional flexibility regarding access during afterhours and in the shoulder seasons. There is also dock to dock shuttle service provided by the Golf Club.

Is there winter access to the Island?

The Golf Club provides winter shuttle services, subject to ice conditions. Cottagers typically travel to and from the island in January, February and March by snowmobile. In the future there may be other forms of winter transportation, but this will largely depend on the wants and needs of the Cottage Owners Association.

Are there any common fees or charges?

There is an annual waterfront association fee to cover property taxes and maintenance of the common lands, parking area, garbage & recycling and some sharing of the shuttle boat expenses with the golf club. The annual Common Fees currently work out to be approximately $2,400 per lot.

Who owns and controls the common lands?

The common lands are owned by the Bigwin Island Waterfront Association and are maintained and controlled by the golf club as part of a shared facilities agreement. Common lands are protected and can never be developed.

Can I use my own golf cart on the access roads?

Cottage owners who are members of the waterfront association are permitted to use golf carts on the access roads and paths subject to rules and guidelines set out by the Golf Club.

Is there a barge / ferry service available?

Yes, the Golf Club owns and operates a commercial barge / ferry service to assist owners during construction and typical services required by the property owners.

What amenities other than golf are available to the island residence?

There will be a common activity area provided for the golf members and island residents that will include a community activity building. The area currently designated for this is the proposed rotunda
gardens and restored Tea House.

Will there be a hotel or resort developed on the island?

There will not be a hotel or resort developed, but there are plans to build up to 40 Club Cabins. These units will feature open flex spaces, which will be well suited as guest cabins for the owners to use personally, for rental purposes or a combination of both.

Is a Golf Membership included with the purchase of a lot?

An equity membership in Bigwin Island Golf Club is included in the purchase price, but is not a requirement for property ownership.

What is the ownership structure of the Golf Club?

Bigwin is a member-owned or equity club, each member has an ownership interest in the Club, which is a “not for profit” corporation with 260 shares. Each member will own 1/260th of the corporation. This type of structure allows the members to govern the facility through the right to vote. The Club Facilities are operated and managed under the direction of a Board of Directors, which is ultimately elected by the members.

Can I use the golf course and dining facilities if I am not a member?

The golf course is currently available to the public during the months of May, June, September and October, during designated time periods. There are currently Dining Social Membership that provide access to the Food and Beverage facilities. This initiative continues to provide members and guests exclusive access to the Golf Club during the month of July and August.